Message from Director

Many of you may have just finished schooling and are still not sure of what you may want to choose as your career. In the rapidly changing world, with so many options, it is not surprising to be puzzled about having to choose one from the thousands of choices. This is one of the most critical decisions you have to make at the cross roads of your life and you may have to spend your entire life in the profession you finally select. It is often helpful to discuss with people who have experienced this, or seek professional counselling.

If you are considering a career in medicine, it is important to know salient features of the field. It is always advisable to make an informed and logical decision, rather than an impulsive one. Many students I have encountered want to become a doctor because their neighbour's son/daughter or a role model went to medical school. At the end, whatever profession you end up selecting, should be the one you can see yourself enjoying for the rest of your life.

Medical profession is one of the oldest and most respected professions in the world. However, it demands a lot of sacrifice, sincerity, honesty, diligence, patience and discipline. People enduring pain and suffering, turn to you with great hope and expectation when they feel helpless and lost. On many occasions you are the last hope for them and their family. The unique relationship you have with your patient gives you a rare opportunity to be there with them in those situations.

There is always demand of doctors in the society. Advancement in health technology, research methodology and increased health awareness in patients has changed the scope of medical profession completely. What used to be science fiction yesterday has become a reality in today's world. Obviously, many more physicians are needed for the society to bring these services to an individual.

In this context, if you have chosen medical profession to be your future goal, I think this is one of the best decisions you could ever make in your life. However, the decision should come from your heart and not from anybody else. You must be convinced about your decision.

It may be even more challenging to select the right institution/place, which will make your dream a reality. Everybody wants quality education, and wishes to be the best in his/her profession. It must be exhausting to choose a medical school (from many options) that would serve your purpose. Personally, I have felt a wide gap in educational quality and cost issues among universities.

Apex Consultants works closely with the top universities in student selection process, curriculum development, quality control issue, international recognition and helping students for career guidance after graduation.

It is a great opportunity for the young generation who is motivated and has a dream to work for humanity. I hope that Apex Consultants will get an opportunity to work with you to mold your future. I wish success in your future career around the world.

H. M. Prasad