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Sun Yat-Sen University

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Sun Yat-Sen University or Zhongshon University is famous institute of higher education in China, established in 1924 by Dr Sun Yat-Sen, a great revolutionary of 20th Century. Initially, it was established as Guangdong University by Dr Sun Yat-Sen himself personally and later in 1926, renamed Sun Yat-Sen University, after his death in his commemoration. Sun Yat-Sen University is a multi-disciplinary, key comprehensive university of Chinese Central Government. It is under direct administration of Ministry of Education, China. It is among first ranked universities in China and has been accepted into " 211 Project" by the central government.

Approved by the Central government of the people's Republic of China, on October 26, 2001, the former Sun Yat-sen University and Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences were merged together to form the present Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences has been changed to Sun Yat-Sen College of Medical Sciences.

Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences originated from Boji Medical School which was established in 1866 and was the earliest institution of learning and practice of western medicine in china. Dr Sun Yat-Sen himself studied medicine in this medical college.

Location: Sun Yat-Sen College of Medical Sciences is located in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong Province and the largest industrial and commercial city in southern China. Guangzhou, with a population of over 10 million, is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, just about 2 hours journey by bus.

Campus: The Guangzhou North Campus (The campus of former Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences) out of the four campuses of the Sun Yat-Sen University is the campus for the students of Medical sciences. It is situated at the center of Guangzhou City. The picturesque university campus has a land area totaling 386000 square meters, and the construction area of 600.000 square meters.

Sun Yat-Sen College of Medical Sciences is a comprehensive medical school with multi-specialties, multi-curriculum and multi-programs. There are 40 various research institutions, including research centers, laboratories and two mobile post-doctorate research stations. There are 77 academic departments and 8 undergraduate programs of studies. There are 30 specialties which are accredited to confer doctoral degrees and 50 specialties accredited to confer master's degrees.

Sun Yat-Sen College of Medical Sciences library has a collection of more than 500.000 volumes of books and over 5,000 different titles of periodicals in Chinese and foreign languages. The number of staffs of this medical college is a s large as 7,000 among them about 1,100 are high - ranking teachers, doctors and other professionals. Currently, there are over 4,000 students studying medicine. Since 1954 this medical college has admitted about 300 foreign students from 56 countries of 5 continents. In 1987 the University began to enroll foreign postgraduate students for the medical study, including doctorate candidates. On the campus, a special building is provided for foreign students with facilities and services for boarding accommodation, study and entertainment.

Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences used to be one of the 8 key medical universities, ranking 4th among all 125 medical universities and institutes in China.

There are 6 schools of medical sciences under the university.

Sun Yat-sen College of Medical Sciences

School of pre-Clinical medicine

School of Public Health

Guangzhou School of Stomatology

School of Pharmacology

School of Nursing

In the past decades, the university has trained a lot of excellent medical workers for China as well as various countries in the world. Their treating skills have achieved a good reputation in China, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan as well as South East Asia.

The University has been one of the universities to receive international students for medical study under the Chinese government scholarship.

At present students from 59 countries, including USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Mauritius, Cameroon, Zambia, Bolivia, Botswana, Guinea, Comoros Islands, Algeria, Palestine, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, etc are doing their MBBS and MD/MS courses under Chinese government scholarship as well as self finance in this medical college and their degree is recognized by the government and the medical councils of these countries.

MBBS for International Students

Sun Yat-Sen College of Medical sciences has been running medical program for its students in English medium since 1978. The university has highly qualified faculties of its own in abundant numbers who can teach in English to international students. Most of these faculties have been educated and trained in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, etc. Sun Yat-Sen College of medical sciences ensures to provide highly qualified faculties who can teach medicine in English medium to international students.

Course Curriculum:

Graduates of this medical school are working not only in China and South East Asia but all over the world for the last many years. The course curriculum is updated to the tune of the latest requirement at home and abroad to meet the international standard for medical education. As a member of core committee of IIME and participant in various international forums for medical education, the medical school has great exposure to recent development in the field of medicine. Nevertheless, special attention has been paid to include the specific requirements of countries of the SAARC region. Any suggestion in regard to course curriculum from the concerned quarter will be welcomed.

Subjects for MBBS Program:

Anatomy, Neuro-Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Histology Embryology, Pathology, Pathophysiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology and Community medicine (Subjects for the first two Years ).

General medicine, General surgery, Obstetrics and gynecology, Forensic medicine, Community medicine, Epidemiology, Pediatrics, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Dentistry, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Nuclear medicine, Emergency medicine and other allied medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties (Subjects for the last three years).

Duration of Course:

The duration of course for MBBS study is 5 years. This the formal course duration all over China recognized by WHO and China Medical Council.

Fee Structure:

The university has offered Subsidized or discounted fee to the international students for MBBS study.

Tuition Fee:

USA 2600/Annum (In fact the normal tuition fee ie without discount is USD 4000/Annum)

Hostel fee: USD 500/Annum
Application fee: USD 100 (one time payment in the first year only)

The above fee should be paid to the university directly in cash or by money draft in the name of the university. The university and its authorized representative will not be responsible for any fees handed to the unauthorized institution or a person.

In addition to the above fee the students have to pay for their food by themselves. The food expense depends upon the individual. It is estimated around USD 600/Annum for an individual.

Note1: The tuition fee does not cover the expense for text books and stationeries.

Note2: Each room of the hostel is provided with Air conditioner, TV and a telephone set. The students pay by themselves for Water, Electricity and Cable TV. The students can also opt for out campus housing after the first year.

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